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Ever had the feeling like you knew what you want to do your whole life? Well thats me physical education teacher is what I've wanted to do my whole life. I love sports and children and I would love more than anything to physically educate children today. I have a real passion for physical education! Read more about my blog and you will find that out! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Final Lab at St.Mary's!!

In our final lab at St.Mary's we taught pre-k. We first went outside with pre-k and played on the playground with them, and had some great moments out there. Then we went inside and played games we lost a lot of pre-k students at that time but we still continued to play games with the few that were left. At one point we were playing a tag game with the few students we had and it was a fun tag game but the number of students just wasn't working out very well, so I came up with a new game that was quick and easy right on the spot and the students ended up all joining in and playing. At that moment I knew just from working with those kids for that short semester that I had really grown from my experiences. If that was the first day or even the second I would have choked and not known what to do with the students, but this time I really stepped up and I was really proud of myself for that. I enjoyed every minute working with the students at St. Mary's they were wonderful to work with. It was a life changing experience. It made me really realize why I want to become a physical education teacher and that is really important. With the help of my Professor, Professor Yang and all my TA's in the class to really show me the ropes and help me get through the class. I am so thankful for the opportunity.