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Sunday, November 20, 2011

NYS AHPERD Conference What A BLAST!

The NYS AHPERD Conference was probably one of the best educational experience of my life. I enjoyed every session that I went to, every new person I met, and every new thing I learned. It truly got me so excited and pumped to become a physical education teacher. All of the sessions I went to I will never forget, but there is one or two session that really sticks out in my mind. The first one was a session about dance done by physical education students from the University of Syracuse. In that session they really focus on making your classroom and safe place for your students. Making it safe by making sure every student knows that your classroom is a judgement free zone, be yourself, and dance like no one is looking. So they had us doing a bunch of silly dancing I had so much fun, I could not stop laughing I definitely have not laughed that hard in a long time. The session that stuck out the most to me though was one done by John Smith from Flaghouse. John Smith was a former teacher of the year and now retired and a rep. for Flaghouse. In his session he taught us all these different ways you could use noodles in a physical education class that is fun for your students. He started off with pieces of noodles that were cut into quarter piece and having us pop them in the air and catch them and do different stuff with partners. Then he had noodles that were cut up into circles with those we did a stacking competition with groups using peoples bodies, stacking them on their hands, arms, and head. Then he took out while noodles and showed us a game with them noodle hockey where you use the noodle to play hockey by holding each end of the noodle and it a foam ball. I enjoyed that. The final thing we did in that session was so fun and also very funny. He handed us all half noodles and he did dances with the noodles it was SO fun something kids would love to do. Check out all the videos and picture I posted below.

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