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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving at St.Mary's

At our lab number five at St. Mary's the theme was thanksgiving. This week I was part of the gym group with we had to teach the K-1 group and they were a blast. After a couple of games they got a little tired. For my game I did a basketball dribbling activity similar to music chairs but it was musical dribbling with no elimination. So when the music is on the students were dribbling around in a circle when I stopped the music they must find a polyspot as fast as they can and stand on it. I told them that they were turkeys and that the polyspots were their nest so once they got to there once I made them either to a turkey call or flap their wings, then started the music again. The students started getting tired of it so I had them switch it up and dribble low, switch hands, go the opposite way to keep things interesting. Also I added myself in the game for some of the more advance students and had them try to beat me to add that element of competition for those who could handle it. Then after the gym we went downstairs with them for snack time and and games. When I went down there I had a very interesting and memorable experience. After the students ate there snacks we started playing games, I started with legos I notice that one of the little boys I was talking with before where the legos were moved to a different table and was sitting by his self. I went over to him and asked if he wanted to play checkers with me, he said no. Then I asked what was wrong. He said "I'm just having a bad day" so I asked why he proceed to tell me about how every time he ask someone a question they yell at him and no one wanted to play with him. So I starting telling him how everyone has bad days it will be better tomorrow and said "I know how to feel because I asked you to play and you said no." I think then he realized that he should be so down about everything and decided to play checkers with me. While we were setting up another kid came over and asked if he could play with him and his face said it all, you could tell he was so happy about that and it made him feel a lot better, he had that glow on his face. I was very happy to be a part of that.

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